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This is the written text in question add a new feature which will allow to display any HTML content as a fresh page on the website. Think of it as very simple version of WordPress, Joomla or other content management system CMS. I’ve already created the features plus they screen in swagger ui. I cant appear to find documentation on how to implement the functionality. Any suggestions would be valued.

By disabling the wrong resources you can prevent Windows from booting. If you don’t know very well what you’re doing, neglect this step. Device Drivers: Open the Device Manager, from the View menu select ‘Show Hidden Devices’ and uninstall any drivers that you’re no longer using. System Services: From the ‘Administrative Tools’ folder, open the Services console. Review the services and stop and disable any services that you may not be using.

Disable things like the ‘Index Service’ or ‘Fast User Switching’ if you’re not with them. Startup Applications: Download Sysinternals Autoruns, and disable any startup applications that won’t need to be loaded. Check the WinTasks Process Library to find out what these applications are for. This site also includes references to malware executables and what they do. Update Your Device Drivers: Microsoft and other device manufactures update their device drivers every once in awhile.

By ensuring you have the latest drivers, you might fix a problem that could be making your computer take a very long time to load. To upgrade your device driver visit WindowsUpdate or these devices manufacturer’s web site and download the latest software for your hardware. Remove Unneeded Fonts: If you have more then 500 fonts installed on your system, this can increase your computer’s shoe time. The nice reason for this is that the more fonts you have, the longer it requires for the machine to process them. Start to see the following article for instructions about how to eliminate system fonts.

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Remove Unused Applications: Some applications can install services that are constantly running in the backdrop whether you’re with them or not. By uninstalling unused applications that you’re not using, you can prevent these ongoing services from being loaded and run. In the Control Panel folder, open the ‘Add/Remove Programs’ applet. From here you can remove most programs that you installed on your pc.

From this control panel, you can also press the ‘Add/Remove Windows Components’ button, to eliminate such applications as MSN Messenger, Indexing service, and more. Checking the HARD DISK DRIVE: Owning a scan disk on one’s body on a regular basis can help keep Windows running at its peak performance. If you are having troubles (such as bad drive areas) with your hard disks media, then files can get corrupted. Right-click on the C: (or whatever hard drive you want to check on) drive icon, select Properties. Check the ‘Automatically fix document system mistakes’ and/or ‘Scan for and attempt to recovery of bad areas’ checkboxes.