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Maybe there never was a stock ‘market’ where prices were set by investors. Maybe the energy top notch and central banking institutions of the world interfered and manipulated always. As I have already been detailing in this website, the charts obviously show certain patterns that scream ‘manipulation’ and ‘interference’. The weekly chart at the bottom again shows major quantity in the DIA at the beginning and end of each day just like all previous weeks.

This week was a down week. Again, Bernanke must drive the Dow above 9000 to obtain the previous lower high therefore the authorities propaganda machine can get behind a ‘downtrend has ended’ theme for stocks and shares. They spent the past few weeks selling the world on the ‘green capture’ proven fact that the economic downtrend got bottomed or at least was weakening at a slower speed.

This is similar to saying that the swimming pool that was leaking is currently leaking at a slower speed so go ahead and dive in head first. Meanwhile, on Planet Reality, unemployment continues to go up and job creation continues to contract. Trillions in wealth, either real or recognized or paper, has melted and it will not come back. People don’t like me because I tell the reality. That is the truth. Property has been the biggest prosperity accelerator of the last decade which is now deceased.

Our lying authorities continue to speak it up and become they have some sort of magical power to revive the sector but it is not taking place. We are broke. We can not afford the homes that people are living in much less a new one. We can not afford new cars. We can afford groceries hardly.

The insane idiots that run this country think the way out is more debt and more borrowing. Sadly, I think they actually believe that giving big banking institutions’ all the money back again that they swindled in the true estate rip-off of the early 2000’s and then lost is the best approach. What is the result?

10 trillion, the debt needs to be issued by the Treasury. Since there aren’t enough buyers, the interest coupon has to be raised. Thus, Treasury produces are on the rise and are poised to turn the Treasury produce graph into a Mt. Everest look. To fight this unwelcome development of higher interest rates, President Bernanke has elected to buy large chunks of Treasuries for the Fed. The Government Reserve is becoming one of our lenders/enablers now therefore. Why is this a nagging problem for the common ignoramus American?

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  • Reinforcing the level-playing field and getting rid of barriers to investment in the Single Market
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  • 18 device MF – Georgetown, TX (north of Austin) – $1.75M – 7.5% Cap
  • For second homes and 1-unit investment property purchase transactions, the deposit is 25%
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The Fed regulates our interest rates through their Fed Funds policy. Suppose the Federal Reserve accumulates a trillion dollars in Treasuries. Week 15 billion this past. Ditto for previous weeks and coming weeks. 100 billion next week and so forth to fund the bank heist that our witless nitwits in Congress condone as ‘economic recovery’ strategy.

So, do you consider the Fed will ever improve the Fed Funds rate in the future if they hold massive amounts of Treasuries? Only a couple of things can happen. Well, I guess they could. They could always get the Treasury to perform off a few pallets of C-notes that they could put back again on their balance bed linens.