Activists Warn Trade Pact Will Keep Out Generics (Update)

Activists Warn Trade Pact Will Keep Out Generics (Update) 1

The 12 countries begins an 18th circular of discussions in Malaysia on July 15 and hope to complete negotiations by October. Japan shall join the Trans Pacific Relationship talks for the first time, alongside the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Peru, Mexico and Chile.

This could further limit access to affordable, life-saving medications for millions of people, she said on the sidelines of a global AIDS conference. Leena Menghaney, from Doctors Without Borders. Menghaney said the pact, billed as a model for future trade agreements worldwide, could set harmful precedents with serious implications for developing countries. Provisions in the contract will assist in the practice of “evergreening,” where pharmaceutical firms limit usage of generic medicines by using various tactics to increase monopoly safety on drugs beyond the initial patent period, she said. She said companies would be able to seek multiple secondary patents about the same medication so that even though the original patent expires, the product is protected for a long time after.

Drug companies say that strong intellectual property protections are had a need to foster investment in research to build up new and better drugs. Once a drug’s patent expires, generic manufacturers can produce it legitimately. They are able to make drugs at a fraction of the original manufacturer’s cost because they don’t really perform the expensive research and development.

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz of the Third World Network said the pact will further hint the balance toward commercial passions and from public health. This may be considered a matter of life and death in the developing world where people seldom have medical health insurance and pay for medicines out of pocket, he said. Fifa said 80 percent of drugs used to take care of HIV in developing countries are generics stated in India.

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But some countries such as Malaysia already are paying a few of the highest prices for HIV drugs due to an unhealthy procurement system and local patents, she said. The organizations urged member countries to renegotiate the procedures or withdraw from the talks to ensure general public health passions are safeguarded. The 12 countries take into account nearly 40 per cent of the global overall economy and in regards to a third of world trade.

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