Launched With BH Cosmetics

Launched With BH Cosmetics 1

I am so excited to do this post on the’sJudyTime Palette! Launched with BH Makeup products, this can be an exciting eyeshadow palette that I have wanted to get in my hands for quite a while now, late than never better! To give you some insight on It’sJudyTime, Judy comes from the YouTube Beauty World. This global world is another era and the new wave of beauty craze setters, editors, and of course Vloggers. There is a great deal of YouTube Beauty Vloggers who are on YouTube, but my favorite is Judy. I have totally enjoyed, learned, and have loved watching her makeup videos. Judy does a variety of makeup looks, reviews, and blogs daily about her family life as well.

A lovely soul who reviews and information with her honest elegance! Judy announced the exciting news that she was releasing this Eyeshadow palette with BH Makeup products featuring staple colors that she loves to use in creating some of her looks, this meant I had to have it! Check out my review below!

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  • In skin-care products, growth factors would be used repeatedly, and possibly over long periods
  • Quick pick-me-up spray
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  • Keeping It Natural – Creamy Cake Black Mascara, $9

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