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I won’t trouble to identify the source for today’s post’s title, but it can serve a valuable purpose in trying to comprehend what words suggest. I just finished How I Killed Pluto and just why It Had It Coming and found it to be exceptional, not just because at onetime I thought I wanted to be an astronomer. It’s a book that I believe everyone would enjoy.

In it the author discusses the task in seeking to determine a meaning for the term “planet,” and seeks the assistance of the philosopher friend who says that words mean what we think they mean. Picking right up from the “planet” example, there are a few areas of GIPS (Global Investment Performance Standards) that could benefit from some luck’option (i.e., to be made clearer).

I was lately engaged in a discussion about this is of “model fees.” The word was introduced in the 2010 release of the requirements but without any explanation. Was it because the framers assumed that everyone would know very well what this means? Was it because they couldn’t arrive at a definition themselves?

Or, perhaps was it since it didn’t eventually them that a definition was to be able? I have no idea; but what I know is that I have no idea what the term means. Risking the likelihood to be called pedantic, I will say that to me clarification is to be able. I’ve opined with this in the past and bring it up again, as my recent readings have once again caused me to reflect upon this matter. The standards aren’t made to answer all questions and interpretation is often in order. But when the standards need a compliant firm to reveal if the model or real fees are used in their net-of-fee calculations (see ΒΆ 4.A.6) clarity is to be able. Hopefully it’ll be forthcoming.

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As you can see, we all use these incentives in different ways, but most we utilize them significantly. Are you taking advantage of these benefits? If you can be responsible and pay your expenses on time, I recommend you try this out. If you aren’t using apps like Ebates and Dosh, you’re losing profits. Dosh is a cash return app that is totally passive. I downloaded the app and connected my credit card, so every right time I shop, eat, travel, and more at participating national and local vendors I get a percentage back again. I use my credit card at participating merchants! I’m a big enthusiast of the cashback site Ebates to make money through buys I would buy anyway.

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I rack up my Ebates accounts during Christmas because I do a lot of online shopping. 25 online with Ebates. Trim is another nice app I love to use, it functions as your Personal Finance Assistant and can make a deal with your Comcast bill, auto insurance, and more for FREE. 100 or more with this app.

Make a digital item once and sell it again and again and again. You can create things like greeting cards, templates, invites, printables, sewing patterns, and more. You do not have to know Photoshop to do things such as this. I like to use the free version of Canvas, and it creates me look like I’m a specialist Graphic developer or even classic Microsoft PowerPoint. Shopify is a great platform for this, it is manufactured by them easy to get your shop open as well as your products out there. Start your free 14-day trial to begin a nice passive income here.

Mike from Budget Kitty is experimenting with Merch by Amazon, which is a real way to design and sell T-shirts on Amazon. Once you upload the look Amazon handles everything and supplies you with royalties for each shirt you sell. Some work is required by it up front, but you have a portfolio of T-shirts once, you can relax and enjoy a very passive income stream.