NY SBDC Research Network: 09/01/2019

The SBA Office of Advocacy released an upgrade to the FAQS (FAQs). It estimates that there are 26.8 million small businesses in america, and addresses small businesses’ importance to the U.S. It offers data on small business firm survival, owner demographics, healthcare questions, rules, and procurement.

Advocacy’s updated FAQs can be found here (PDF). Small businesses are defined by NY State as those businesses that employ fewer than 100 employees. Small businesses in New York may be sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and partnerships, general business corporations, subchapter S business corporations, or transportation, transmission, and utility companies. Data shown in this survey includes employment and business receipts by entity type and work course.

If that’s your objective, fine. But that’s just another version of the, “quick success in X number of steps” meme. We want to think that our effort will yield immediate (and predictable) results. But usually that’s not how it works. It takes screening, tweaking, building romantic relationships, promoting, networking, etc., like anything else just. Oh, and one thing that gets left out is quickly that if you become successful, you have to have an infrastructure in spot to maintain it. Quick success doesn’t offer you time to build that.

600.00. It isn’t the same world or mentality. You need to be prepared to play bigger before you can be bigger. 5. Show me the receipts. That’s great and I’m happy for your success, BUT, I need to see receipts. Not your regular monthly income claims just. Or your spreadsheet screen prints.

  • Personal growth/development
  • Model process description
  • Gross Working Capital = Total of Current Asset
  • PL maintenance
  • “Worst first” like do the most unpleasant job first to get it out of the way
  • Presentation Design Consultant

Walk me through how you did your thing — how many hours? If you blogged or whatever had written articles or, how many do you choose to do and that which was your turnaround? What’s your rate range per hour or per project? Just how many hours do you truly spend creating? How many sales funnels did you create, test and trash before you found the one which worked for you?

You proved helpful hard your money can buy — show me how you achieved it, THEN I can decide if it matches what I want to do. Don’t just tell me the finishing of the story. Show me the trip therefore i can understand the actual work that proceeded to go into it. 6. Business is not predictable. Having a business is nothing like creating a predictable (at least if your business doesn’t lay you off) income from employment.

A product might do very well, or it could tank. You might have a great initial run, then sales fall off. By enough time you can market, finished . you created might be out of fashion. OR another person got there first with something that makes your product obsolete. You may have wild, wonderful success or your big idea might fizzle. It includes the territory.

Surveys might let you know people want your service, but when it launches, you merely listen to crickets. That’s how it is in business. Anyone who promises you a sure thing, proven results, income that always increases, a predictable route of ease and endless vacations to luxury destinations is departing something out. The work that continues on behind the moments — the equipment that operates to make it all look effortless — won’t run by itself.