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CHICAGO – Jan. 8, 2014 – Ensemble announced today that Freebie is among the most first profile company of Ensemble’s lately launched digital services suite and “startup excubator” model. Freebie is a next-generation public influencer marketing platform that allows companies to get a tractable ROI by offering free products and experiences to socially important consumers.

Launched in August 2013, Ensemble’s business model was created to materially increase a business owner’s stand-alone probability of success. Powered by a united team of digital experts, Ensemble’s “excubator” model aggregates the mandatory skill sets needed for the rapid growth of digitally-focused, early-stage technology companies. Ensemble’s “digital lab-in-a-box” services include capital bringing up, business consulting, technology development, and marketing services from Chicago’s best-in-class service providers. “Freebie is everything we were looking for to support a game-changing startup, including a big market opportunity powered by a great management team,” said George Deeb, managing partner of Red Rocket Ventures, a founding person in Ensemble. “We’ve been impressed with Freebie’s traction and success in generating a public marketing ROI for big-name clients to time.

Freebie rewards socially influential consumers with free products or exclusive encounters in exchange for sending one automated post using their social networks. Individuals are personally rewarded for the value of their public impact, and the engagement potential of their public followers for the offering brands. The bigger a user’s interpersonal influence rating on Freebie, the higher the value of free products and exclusive experiences he or she shall qualify for. Ben Rosenfield, cEO and founder of Freebie, said, “We came to Ensemble because we wanted to work closely with a core band of digital experts who understood how to quickly and affordably scale a startup.

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The Freebie app is currently designed for iOS on iTunes, with an Android and web version credited out this one-fourth. Founded in 2013, Ensemble is a cooperative cross-marketing alliance of award-winning digital service providers in Chicago, each with an original and specific experience. The current members include Red Rocket Ventures (business consulting & capital raising), Ora Interactive (technology development & design), Loud Interactive (search engine marketing), SocialKaty (social media marketing), and Walker Sands (PR).

This alliance structure better acts clients, when compared with generalist agencies, allowing member companies to stay deeply focused in their particular skill units. At the same time, this model offers clients materially higher odds for success, given the deep domain expertise and 20-40 percent cash discounts open to clients that engage the collective services of Ensemble members. Ensemble’s digital services suite is a next-generation choice for business owners looking for do-it-for-me solutions from a team of digital experts. Freebie is a next-generation social influencer marketing system that allows companies to provide exclusive access and free products/extraordinary encounters to socially-influential consumers who serve as brand ambassadors to their social fans on internet sites.

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