101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat!: #2

101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat!: #2 1

I really hate being so out of shape at this weight. I think it’s not a lot my muscular or cardiovascular fitness, rather it is the tremendous amount of unwanted weight I bring. Realistically I have about 120-140 pounds to reduce (WW says I need to lose 149!). Imagine carrying a backpack that weighed very much!

OMG, is it possible to say heavy! I believe that is why I get so winded so fast. I believe I’m actually in relatively decent shape. I mean I’m almost 300 pounds and I can still use Dance Dance Revolution for 20-30 minutes at the same time. Granted, this is not amazing fitness, but I don’t believe I’ll die from poor cardiac health right now.

But I’d enjoy improving my fitness anyhow. I’d like to be able to walk or run up an airline flight of stairs without getting totally winded. I’m not away to run marathons either, though. I simply want to eliminate this weight and improve my health. I’ve been told by doctors that I’m amazing healthy to be as of this weight, but that it WILL catch up with me eventually.

  • Respiratory disease (9)
  • Skin may become more prone to dryness
  • Relief $29
  • More doctor visits and further medications to treat obesity-related conditions
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Therefore, lacking any increase in physical workload, a rise in blood glucose likely will go unused as energy and can lead to an increase of the hormone insulin. Insulin is a peptide hormone made by the beta cells of the pancreas and is responsible for lowering blood sugar when it becomes too high.

It will this by way of moving blood sugar from the bloodstream and delivering it to the liver and skeletal muscle mass where it is then stored as glycogen. Furthermore insulin can also have a significant influence on body fat and is very efficient at transporting blood sugar into fat’s cells thereby increasing body fat, visceral fat especially. Long-term psychological stresses can by way of cortisol production, lead to elevated insulin levels. Furthermore, the full implication of this situation is that body structure can significantly change for the worse.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone and can breakdown in skeletal muscle tissue to increase blood glucose (gluconeogenesis) and for that reason insulin. Now consider this, muscle is the furnace that burns fat, Ergo a reduction in muscle mass decreases your fat burning capability; a very bad situation altogether for weight loss. Sleep is one of the very most overlooked method of weight loss and fat burning.

During deep sleep, over a hundred physiological processes occur, including burning fat. When energy demands are less intense. Running as fast as you can down a 100-meter sprint street may necessitate a lot of energy, but you can’t burn fat quick enough to fuel this kind or kind of workload. Ergo sleep is an enormous chance for weight loss.