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It is imperative that Kentucky make rapid progress in the number of students graduating with the educational preparation they want for his or her next steps. It is also imperative that this trip to ensure that students in groups with the lowest rates of meeting university- and career-ready benchmarks make a dramatic improvement. A higher school graduate’s planning for postsecondary training and education consists of a range of educational, technical, and employability knowledge and skills that go well beyond what can be measured on a single test. The ACT test, however, which is taken by all 11th grade students in Kentucky, provides one important data point with which to judge Kentucky high school graduates’ preparation for their postsecondary pursuits.

Today’s results matter for just two distinctive reasons. The first reason is the students’ ratings on the ACT have a direct bearing on his / her opportunities after senior high school. Meeting Kentucky’s college- and career-ready benchmarks means entrance into credit-bearing classes in Kentucky colleges and universities, putting students on a solid footing to meet their postsecondary goals.

Results from 2016 increases an alarm that fewer students will be ready for credit-bearing classes in mathematics, increasing the expense of postsecondary education and reducing students’ likelihood of completion. These results have real costs for families and the state’s economy. The next reason is these results provide a comparable measure of student learning of essential academic knowledge and skills. ACT’s own research implies that the best strategy to increase scores is to expose students to rich and rigorous coursework. Test prep is not a sound strategy. Over the board, Kentucky’s results on a variety of condition and nationwide procedures show that mathematics needs immediate and substantial attention.

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Thompson does not have any short-term borrowing as of February 28, 2014. Assume that the interest rate on short-term borrowing is 1% monthly. 25, of every month 000 at the beginning. In any month, the firm makes purchases of 60% of that month’s sales, the month that are paid the following. 100,000 in January. 20% of sales in any month are cash sales, and 80% of sales are collected during the following month. Home to House Distributors is preparing a cash budget.

The initial conclusion would be that the firm should borrow more income than its bank or investment company is prepared to provide. Which of the following activities could Home to House Distributors perform to lessen its dependence on bank financing this year? The timing of collections from sales manufactured in past months is an important consideration for cash budgeting.

Depreciation expenditure is a deduction from the cash flow in the cash budget. The percent-of-sales method is more detailed than the cash budget method. Depreciation expenditure is always contained in the cash budget as the impact is shown because of it of fixed asset buys. The cash budget may be used to provide an estimate of the firm’s future financing needs. The cash budget ignores discretionary financing. A budget is a forecast of future occasions.

Broad Cloth Inc.’s average collection period is 15 times. For December 3 million. Compute cash collections for November and December. Assume that full weeks have thirty days. Broad Cloth Inc.’s average collection period is 15 days. 3 million for December. Purchases equivalent 60% of sales and are created one month before budgeted sales.

Payments are created 1 month following the date of purchase. Of November and December Compute obligations for purchases for the weeks. 1,500,000. In November This payment will be made. 1,800,000. In December This payment will be made. 15 in Dec 000 will be made. Using the info given, construct an expert forma income statement for the final quarter of 2014 for Parker.

The treasurer for Brookdale Clothing must decide how much money the company needs to borrow in July. 250, for July 000. The business has observed that 25% of its sales is for cash and that the rest of the 75% is collected in the following month. 400,000 of new clothing. Usually 40% of buys is perfect for cash and the remaining 60% of purchases is paid in the next month. 50,000 in July how much money must the company borrow?