Fitness Trackers And Sleep Tracking

Fitness Trackers And Sleep Tracking 1

With your fitness program you’re running, biking, swimming, climbing stairs, day and maybe even waking up from your desk throughout the work. It’s now time to provide consideration to a fitness tracker to measure your effort and track your progress. In my own last post, I provided insight into “Fitbit Pros and Cons.” They can be chock full of features, depending on brand and model.

One of those features is sleep tracking. This can be a useful addition to all the other top features of an exercise tracker. What is Sleep Tracking? If you’re one of the lucky few who sleeps during the night, every night, then you’re probably not aware that many folks have challenges obtaining a good night’s sleep.

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This can be quite disruptive to your daily performance, as well as adversely impact your current health. Tracking your sleep can provide insights into what’s splitting up your sleep patterns along with advice about how to boost your sleep. A full-blown sleep lab performs a polysomnography test. This test provides detailed information on your brain activity, muscle and eye movement, as well as heart rhythm. A fitness tracker can provide some of this information, with respect to the tracker.

There are also dedicated rest trackers that only measure your rest patterns. Tracking Sleep Patterns. This includes measuring the quantity of light, deep, REM (fast eye motion), and wake time. Heart Rate. Through the entire evening This measures your heart rate. Breathing. This includes your rate of breathing as well as your snoring. Movement. Are you tossing and turning?

Trackers can let you know how much. An exercise tracker can provide a smart security alarm to wake you during a light stage of sleep, rather than when you’re in deep rest. This can help you awaken more refreshed. It can also provide music, or sounds during your sleep, think waves cleaning through to the shoreline.

With all fitness trackers, there’s an associated application for your smart phone and/or computer. Inside the app you’ll find all the rest monitoring information from the list above. They can provide some very impressive graphs. Making sense of most that it the trick. Some trackers and their applications can provide an evaluation of your results to other users.