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It’s the start of another year, and many people are talking about making changes and setting goals for themselves. We’ve brand-new calendars hanging on our walls that are filled with unexplored days yet to come. But do you end up gazing at your new calendar and questioning, “How is it 2019?

Where did last year go? If so, don’t stress out. Not everyone accomplishes every goal they set for themselves. Take some time to look back again at what you achieved this past year and start thinking about this season. Perchance you took time faraway from writing and want to get back the swing of things.

Maybe your writing muse continued a vacation to Hawaii and hasn’t come back yet. That’s alright. It’s fine to have a break from writing for a while-but a couple days. If you rest too long, you’ll rust! Writing exercises, journaling, and freewriting tale ideas are excellent ways to regenerate your motivation. Take into account that everyone’s writing profession and writing goals will vary.

Think about what you want for you. Would you like to finish the novel you started last year (or haven’t started yet)? Distribute a dozen short stories? If you write mag articles, are there any major magazines you’re targeting? Start brainstorming ideas now, make a list of places to send inquiries, to check out potential markets for his or her latest submission guidelines. Explore writing-related websites and blogs, Yahoo Groups, cultural media organizations, and advertising opportunities for your work. Are your blog, website, and writer page(s) up-to-date? As long as they get a refresh (or a major overhaul) for the new 12 months?

Make a summary of all you want to accomplish within the next couple of weeks and months. Having a list of projects and priorities can help maintain your writing objectives on the right track. For example, if you would like to explore new markets for your short story, put “find new markets” on your list. If you’re decided to write a new publication, make a timeline for research, character development, plotting, etc. Give yourself a deadline for when you want to start writing and stay with it.

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Decide how many webpages or chapters you want to complete each day/week/month. Over time, your book will need shape, and you’ll be astonished at your progress. No real matter what your writing goals are, a little pre-planning can help you focus and allow one to flow from one writing task to some other. Preparation keeps you motivated and fends off writer’s block also, because you will have “the next thing” to focus on.

But keep an equilibrium. Don’t let yourself become so goal oriented that you burn yourself out, stress yourself half to death, and let the writing life replace your real life. Family, friends, pets, neighbors, and having a great time are all important elements of being alive. Make time for your writing, but make time for yourself and the ones you like also. Yes, it’s perfectly okay to leave the husband parked in front of a movie and go write for two hours.