Black Walnut Tree Toxicity – What Plants Are Immune?

Black Walnut Tree Toxicity - What Plants Are Immune? 1

Walnut trees and shrubs are successful and beautiful. I like to sit down in the tone of 1 of my walnut trees and shrubs and appearance out within the sloping garden. Inside our video Tricia demonstrates how to look after and prune walnut trees and shrubs. Walnut trees and shrubs like their own space definitely, and can be bad neighbors to certain vegetation.

Find out the best friend vegetation for walnuts. Black walnut trees download their origins, buds, and nut hulls with the juglone toxin (leaves and stems have smaller amounts of juglone). The toxin seeps into the earth and susceptible companion plant life shall change yellowish, wilt, and sometimes die. But wait, you say, I have a dark walnut tree doesn’t.

Actually, most walnut trees are harvested on black walnut rootstock these full days, therefore the root system may very well be abundant with juglone. The soil under the canopy of the tree will have the highest concentration of juglone due to the combined effects of the roots, along with fallen leaves, hulls, and shells that are lying on the ground.

Picking up this litter is good “orchard sanitation” for most Integrated Pest Management reasons, including decreasing the quantity of juglone. Purdue University has informal lists of plants that tolerate juglone and the ones that are sensitive to it. Choose from the list following for best results in planting near dark walnut trees and shrubs or walnut trees grown on dark walnut rootstock.

Follow these suggestions for planting within the dripline of the tree and, according to the University of Wisconsin, up to 50′-80′ from the trunk. Naturally you will need to consider the sun and shade requirements of the plant life, as well. Vegetables: Lima bean; snap bean; beet; carrot; corn; melon; onion; parsnip; squash. Fruits: black raspberry, cherry. Vegetables: asparagus, cabbage, eggplant, pepper, potato, rhubarb, tomato.

Fruits: apple, blackberry, blueberry, pear. Flowers and herbaceous plant life: autumn crocus (Colchicum); blue crazy indigo (Baptisia); chrysanthemum (some); Columbine; hydrangea; lily; Narcissus (some); peony (some); petunia; tobacco. Field vegetation: alfalfa; crimson clover; tobacco. Tip: This will not imply you can’t compost dark walnut leaves. According to Ohio State University Extension, “walnut leaves can be composted because the toxin breaks when subjected to air down, water and bacteria. The toxic effect can be degraded in two to four weeks.” If you do compost the leaves, put them in a separate compost pile and don’t spread the producing compost on plant life that are on the sensitive list.

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