2.5 Million By Gold-Ore To Astur

2.5 Million By Gold-Ore To Astur 1

Subscribers can expect a Flash upgrade on this. VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire -02/01/12) – Elgin Mining Inc. (TSX-V: ELG.V – News) (“Elgin Mining”) and Gold-Ore Resources Ltd. Elgin Mining will acquire all of the issued shares of Gold-Ore by using a plan of set up. The Transaction will lead to a well-funded, growth-oriented gold maker with Gold-Ore producing Bjorkdal silver mine in Sweden and Elgin Mining’s Lupin and Ulu yellow metal development projects in Nunavut, Canada.

A conference call for the investment community will take place as observed at the end of this news release. 0.07 of warrant-value) and represents a premium of 66.5% within the same period. 1.30 per Elgin Mining talk about with a two-calendar year term, for each Gold-Ore common talk about held. Ownership in the Bjorkdal Gold Mine in the low politics risk jurisdiction of Sweden. The Transaction includes a commitment by Elgin and Gold-Ore to not solicit an alternative purchase to the Purchase.

2.8 million upon the event of certain occasions. The Transaction has been declared a “Superior Proposal” as defined by an agreement agreed upon by Gold-Ore and Astur Gold Corp. 2.5 million by Gold-Ore to Astur. The previously announced purchase between Gold-Ore and Astur has been terminated. Patrick Downey will continue in his role as President and Chief Executive Officer and Bob Buchan will stay Chairman of the Board. Robert Wasylyshyn will continue on as interim COO. Gold-Ore directors, David Mullen, Ronald Ewing, Glen Robert, and Dickson Wasylyshyn will sign up for the extended board of directors.

At Long Cast Advisers, we believe that capital should have as much integrity as our clients’ missions. I’ve lagged since my last post and have been taking a long time with this b/c I am working on a handful of home projects. One of the most frustrating was rehabbing two large furniture pieces I found within my in-laws’ house to use as a dresser, storage, and desk combo for my kids.

The work involved wasn’t that intensive – sanding, priming, paining, and changing the hardware – but credited to space constraints, I put to focus on each piece individually, so that it was like two tasks in one. The boredom of priming / painting was got over by hearing Marc Maron’s WTF podcasts.

If you are not acquainted with him, he interviews entertainment folk comedians, authors, stars, directors, and makers (and occasionally heads of state) in the entertainment business from his studio room garage. I listened to, amongst others: Sacha Baron Cohen, Charlie Kaufman, Brian Grazer, Crispin Glover, Todd Haynes, Sarah Silverman, Eric Bogosian, and both brothers who make the HBO show “Togetherness”. I came across many analogs b/t the two occupations and specific to this topic, each of them filter their material through some kind of display to see whether a joke is funny or an idea is good.

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To an buyer, an investment screen is merely an automatic form of one of the filter systems. Are these filters the same for everybody? Investing is one of the very most personal exercises and we should all figure out how to develop and trust our own filter systems. What I find to be always a good notion might be completely different from what other people think and – by its nature – is often completely different from what all of those other market thinks. In the same way an artist must be more comfortable with their filters to activate in the original work, so do stock pickers have too comfortable with their own filters to find and spend money on good ideas.

As we all mature and improve with our work – in the arts or investing – we can better discover the source of good materials and hopefully tap it more frequently. As with the investing and arts, veritas vos liberabit. No affiliation is experienced by me with the company other than as a customer. Now, for an investor seeking quantitative screens under the familiar academic models, save time and simply go to oldschoolvalue and it will give a variety of stocks that fit various magic formulae. However, the beauty of the screen is OSV is that you can start with those methods and layer on top of it a variety of factors to help expand filter the field.

I can simply spend hours tweaking inputs to test different ideas of business drivers even if it only results in a handful of new ideas. It’s one of the most important books I’ve ever continue reading trading. The proximate reason is that it recognizes how companies have a tendency to hide weakened performance but eventually it’s about how exactly business operations translate into accounting, and accounting is the language investors build relationships in their work. It’s a reserve that helps trader identifies the weave in the fabric instead of the billow of the flag. I consider screening as an important tool for traders.

There are those that bash verification, I picture b/c of the weaknesses I mentioned above, since a corollary to those weaknesses are that it doesn’t identify companies in turnaround or with undervalued resources on their balance sheets. Fair enough. But as with all tools, their usefulness varies with the inputs and in whose hands these are used.