Application Development With Lex Sheehan

Application Development With Lex Sheehan 1

This is a story about my experience offering my furniture on craigslist. My daughters graduated high school and left home for college. I decided to sell their used furniture. That seemed legit. Sean Phillip offered me his name and said he was ready to pay with PayPal immediately. I investigated the issues doing business with a stranger using PayPal.

“escrow”. Escrow is merely a merchant account that holds the amount of money until PayPal is persuaded that both parties upheld their part of the deal. The buyer puts their profit the escrow accounts. The seller sees the money and then is responsible for shipping the furniture to the buyer. Looks safe and simple. PayPal will only deem the furniture shipped if the seller ships the furniture and gets a tracking number from UPS/Fedex. 300; thousands possibly, with respect to the amount of furniture to deliver. Because the vendor cannot get hardly any money until the furniture is received by the buyer that received’t happen. So, the customer will claim to have his movers pickup the furniture, which won’t happen either.

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Remember, this is a scam and the buyer is only after the seller’s money really. Time goes on and the seller gets desperate; he’s told other potential buyers that the furniture is already SOLD. The customer says he’ll send the and by this time, owner is motivated to accept it.

The scammers’ angle is to get the central banking system involved because the bank operating system is flawed and the scammers can use those defects to get the seller’s money. Your loan company will never lose (their) money, however they will ask you for when you lose your cash. It starts when you are got by the scammer to consent to take a check. 1. Seller agrees to accept a check.

2. Buyer transmits mover to pickup the furniture. 3. Seller receives a look for more than the cost “to hide moving expenditures”. 2,050 (to deliver his furniture to a bogus person at a bogus address). 1,550 (the difference between amount of bogus check amount and how much the movers actually cost) to the customer via Western Union. Some risk is experienced by The customer to getting caught, a revenue is made by the mover but has to work for it. Your bank makes out just like a bandit and you’re left paying for it all.

Your bank will never lose (their) money, however they will charge you when you lose your money. 599 credited to his bank-account, he writes other checks presuming the total amount that the bank promises is accurate is in fact right. 599 clears. Suppose owner trusts the bank’s report of his balance and makes 10 small buys that eventually all jump.