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Class A and Class B shares: After the IPO, there can be 117.097 million Class A shares (with one voting right per share) and 1758.902 million Class B shares (with ten voting rights per share). Other things remaining equal, the latter should trade at a premium on the previous, though I do not suppose that the expected worth of management in this firm is important. I will wait to get a firmer update as we get nearer to the providing, before I shut in on a per share worth). You’ll be able to enter the excel spreadsheet with the numbers by clicking here.

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If you don’t like my inputs or assumptions, don’t stew about them. Go in and change them and see what you get as the aggregate value of fairness in Facebook. Let’s see if we will get a consensus value for the company. In case you are investing in Facebook, give credit to the company for being upfront and trustworthy about where the power rests in this company.

For those of you who are acquainted with my valuations of LinkedIn and Groupon, you’ll be aware that I’m extra optimistic about Facebook than those corporations. A part of that may be attributed to Facebook being further along in growing a business model that works and delivers income. Another reason, although, is that Facebook has a real chance at being the subsequent “winner take all” company.

What am I speaking about? In conventional businesses, an organization that gets a big portion of the market is a topic to competitive assaults that cap the market share and scale back profitability over time. In some elements of the know-how business, controlling a big share of a market seems to provide the winner the capacity to take over the whole market.

Consider three big winners from the final 30 years. Microsoft started off within the “office suites competing with many games within the phrase processing, spreadsheet, and presentation program companies, however in some unspecified time in the future, its dominance drove the competition out. To a lesser extent, Amazon’s dominance of on-line retailing and Google’s possession of internet advertising (thus far) reflect similar “winner take all” phenomena. I am not suggesting that Facebook has a lock on social media promoting, however it has a chance to get a big chunk of it, and if it does, the value that I estimated will probably be too low.

120 billion or larger for the company, if the stars align. No, and never because I consider that the value is outlandish, but for 2 other reasons. The primary is that the price reflects the expectation that Facebook will develop into a phenomenal success. Anything less than superlative will likely be considered as a failure.

The second is that what Facebook is brazen about the fact that they do not see any want for enter from stockholders. In an impact, they need my money however don’t want me to have any say in how the company is run. This does not jell with the notion that stockholders are part owners of the businesses that they owned inventory in. You may be comfortable with Zuckerberg as CEO for all times, however I’m not.