Business Process Modeling For Insider Threat Monitoring And Handling

Business Process Modeling For Insider Threat Monitoring And Handling 1

Business process modeling has facilitated modern businesses to cope with the continuous need to increase their productivity, reduce costs, and offer competitive services. Despite modeling and process management’s widespread success, you can argue that it lacks of built-in security mechanisms in a position to detect and deter threats that may manifest throughout the procedure. To this end, a variety of different solutions have been suggested by research workers which focus on different threat types. In this particular paper we examine the insider risk through business procedures.

Depending on the motives, insiders participating in an organization’s business process may manifest delinquently in a manner that causes severe impact to the business. We examine existing security approaches to tackle down the aforementioned threat in business-business processes and propose an initial model for a monitoring strategy that is aimed at mitigating the insider threat. This approach improves business process monitoring tools with information examined from SOCIAL NETWORKING by examining the online behavior of users and pinpoints potential insiders with critical functions in the organization’s procedures. Also, this process highlights the risk introduced in the processes controlled by such users.

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