When To Hyphenate?

I have written the below sentences and have a hyphenated phrase in each one, however, I am not sure if my use is correct entirely. Could someone please advise on them? Each of them seem acceptable to me, aside from ‘The puddle experienced dried-up.’. There should be no hyphen in this full case. Some of them could also be written as you word but everything comes down to personal preference. Thanks. Is it possible to advise of the words that may be one phrase also? Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyze your pronunciation? Thanks. Can you suggest of what that may be one word? I would prefer to see the rest of these hyphenated.

Can you describe why ‘dried up’ should baby be hyphenated in one instance, however, not the other. Students: We’ve free audio pronunciation exercises. Thanks. Would you trust my other examples? As, well as the comment above about some words being optional hyphenate? Would you trust my other examples?

And also the comment above about some words being optional to hyphenate? Adjectives produced from phrasal verbs cannot be written as you word. Nouns produced from phrasal verbs usually can be written both ways. Adjectives with the “non” prefix are often written as you word. Adjectives formed by combining a noun with days gone by participle of the verb, such as “tea-stained”, should be hyphenated.

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