Thoughts: What Beauty And Makeup Mean To Me

“Beauty” and “makeup” are two words often used interchangeably. However, I believe that they won’t be the same. Since creating this blog and trying to figure out a standard route and goal to follow, I have taken these two words significantly fairly. This has allowed me to see even the most subliminal flaws in the beauty and makeup world. But that isn’t what this post is about. This post will attempt to share what beauty and makeup mean to me as an individual. I haven’t really been a large fan of makeup.

To be honest, I’m not still. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup as a kid and I didn’t have a lot of older women who wore makeup around me. Having a large sister or mom or aunt whose makeup you could play in was something I heard about but never experienced. So makeup wasn’t really a thing for me personally.

My first major experience with makeup was after I was 15. I wore an eyeliner for the very first time and it was a fairly big deal at home. To that Prior, my notion of makeup was brushing my super bushy and wild eyebrows to provide it a defined form and applying lip gloss.

Other than that, there is nothing. Now as an adult, some of my perceptions and assumptions about makeup are changing. I used to provide the medial side eye to people who wore “intense” makeup and would feel a certain way when I saw transformation videos and photos. But I had fashioned to ask myself why then. I realized that I must say I cannot judge anyone who “transforms” with makeup.

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What I have noticed until this aspect is that there surely is a fascinating idea behind many of these. We often use “beauty’ and “makeup” interchangeably; one would think both will be the same. I caught myself accomplishing this when I understood a category in this website was named “beauty and skincare”. Did beauty in this sense mean “makeup”? So I changed it; making beauty a stand alone and skincare, a subcategory from it. To me, few observations like these change perspective.

What I also find interesting is that when we think of beauty, we feature it to the physical aspect solely. But beauty is more than just the physicality. Though relative, beauty is more. Beauty is not what how well I apply my makeup (because I suck at that). It isn’t how perfect my smile lines are or how my nasal area and eye align once I smile. Beauty is internal. It radiates from the inside.

Beauty is my bravery to embrace the unknown. It is a joy and it is the confidence I have in myself and in my beliefs and abilities. While I am on this part of constantly revising what beauty and makeup mean to me, I must be respectful and understanding of what it means to other folks. I may have my “off days” – those days after I don’t always feel beautiful- I try to understand that not feeling pretty doesn’t change the fact that I am beautiful and have an incredible beauty within me. Moreover, the items I see as defects are not always negative. These are part of why is me beautiful. I am created by them unique, I am created by them, me.