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First of all, saya rasa happy and really thrilled nak cakap pasal access kali ni. Okay, eh guys, OKAY listen and back sampai habis sebab I try my best untuk buat this entry the havoc thing you guys have ever felt! Saya memang series cheap, saya dah kurenggggg dengan Facebook since adanya kewujudan Twitter and Instagram. Yeah, kalau twitter dulu selalu glad tweet fatal love, fitness, any ridiculous or funny love and tweets tweet whatsoever. Kalau Instagram plan, hari-hari boleh nampak IG shop or update baju baru, mane la hati tak tahan web. TERGODA T.T so yeah, my Facebook tu memang buat penyedap applications je kat dalam my handphone.

Sengaja nak cukupkan apps sociable network. Facebook mean boring, based on my estimation pada mulanya. Perhaps you have men ever play any games that related inside the Facebook? Okay, dulu saya quite menyampah dengan mana-mana request berkaitan dengan games kat FB. Pentipuu la sangat sekiranya tak pernah dapat request untuk main game is lol XD may start main game is from my pal.

Mula-mula as main biasa je. Lama-lama terms addict Then. Serius, almost setiap hari kena tengok my own fashion house sebab nak delivered barang kat clients. But like any other typical games, doing memang suka jual barang fashion berdasarkan DIAMOND -.- so, nak tak nak, terpaksa jugaklah saya beli like 30 gemstones bersamaan dengan RM34. Tapi, tak selalu eh saya beli. The saya paling suka right time sale! FL bank, heartbeats, keys, diamonds, and free gift!

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My important thing is not how to have a good flavor, but that there can be such a thing even. And I believe I’ve shown that. There is certainly such a thing as good artwork. It’s art that likes and dislikes its human audience, and since humans have a great deal in keeping, what interests them is not random.

Since there’s any such thing as good art, there’s also any such thing as good taste, which is the capability to identify it. If we were talking about the flavor of apples, I’d agree that taste is merely personal preference. Some social people like certain types of apples and others like other kinds, but how can you say that you are right and the other incorrect? The thing is, art isn’t apples. Art is man-made. It comes with a lot of social baggage, and likewise individuals who make it tries to trick us often.

Most people’s judgment of artwork is dominated by these extraneous factors; they’re like someone attempting to judge the flavor of apples in a dish manufactured from equal parts apples and jalapeno peppers. All they’re tasting is the peppers. So that it works out you can choose some individuals and say that they have better flavor than others: they’re the ones who actually taste art like apples.

Or to put it more prosaically, they’re the folks who (a) are hard to trick, and (b) don’t just like whatever they grew up with. If you could find people who’d eliminated all such affects on their judgment, you’ll still see a variance in what they liked. But because humans have so much in common, you’d also find they decided on a great deal. They’d almost all prefer the roof of the Sistine Chapel to an empty canvas.

I had written this essay because I was sick and tired of hearing “taste is subjective” and wanted to kill it once and for all. Anyone who makes things knows intuitively that isn’t true. When you’re looking to make artwork, the enticement to be lazy is really as great as in any other kind of work.