CREATE A New Team And Product At Zalando SE

CREATE A New Team And Product At Zalando SE 1

As something Delivery Lead, you shall deliver impactful results at Zalando quickness by re-defining the tooling scenery within Logistics. Build up, business lead, and develop a united team of product managers and software engineers. You guide them in both their functional expertise and their personal development. Giving and receiving feedback is key in your interaction with teams and colleagues, and you are thrilled to challenge and support them to enhance their professional skills.

Translate business demand of Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Logistics Operations, and Network Development into a forward-thinking, intuitive, and scalable product landscaping for our unique business model. Your team develops products to optimize and scale Operations, drive innovation, and re-define the way we serve our customers. Build close human relationships with peer Tech leads of campaign & content production, inventory management, and financing to understand their business partner needs and partnering tech products. You provide them with insights into the impact of our tooling applications, and they’re included by you in building a successful product strategy.

A team of international, accomplished experts with over 80 nationalities symbolized at our Berlin offices as well as a big community of experienced product managers and anatomist leads. Culture of trust, empowerment, and responses. Regular Product Show & Tell where we talk about our knowledge and foster the open up exchange of information.

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Access to tech discussions, option of going to/speaking at international meeting, use cutting-edge technologies and grow within your professional development. We offer mentoring and multiple monitors of profession development. We celebrate diversity and are committed to building teams that represent a variety of backgrounds, skills, and perspectives. All employment is decided based on qualifications, merit, and business need.

Zalando Lounge can be an online shopping membership for fashion and lifestyle products in 12 European countries. We daily offer our users, time-limited sale promotions with discounts as high as 75% off the recommended retail price. However, Zalando Lounge is so much more than special discounts. Our Tech section builds and drives our very own customer facing applications and internal services together with Zalando’s system services. We have a strong focus on customer experience and learn and experiment how exactly we can indulge them even more. Being a member of a tech division, comprising about 50 technical engineers, UX designers and product managers, this position will allow you to directly impact the business mission of Zalando Lounge.

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