From A Managerial Point-of-view

Global advancement used to be always a phenomenon uniquely limited to the industrialized world until in the early 2000s emerging economies such as China, Eastern, and India Europe became attractive as hosts for international R&D investment. A significant number of companies from developed countries will have set up and are constantly expanding R&D procedures in these emerging financial powerhouses. At the same time, companies from developing countries are growing their own R&D activities significantly, striving to move up the technology value-chain and “export” their enhancements to all of those other world.

Pioneers in the disciplines of international business and technology and technology management have suggested theories to describe and describe global creativity and R&D patterns. Bartlett and Ghoshal’s global-local typology have built the intellectual foundations for a complete generation of international development analysts. Vernon’s international product life-cycle has been verified again and again in the practice of multinationals wanting to develop overseas markets.

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Substantial research has since eliminated into refining and extending their use in new sizes and contingencies given the changing framework for global creativity. From a managerial point-of-view, the difficulties identified to be rooted in differences between cultures, geographic locations, and communication, are to be properly solved yet. This special issue is aimed … Read the rest